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The needs of city and other local governments are diverse and wide-ranging. Legal counsel must be experienced, knowledgeable and flexible.

At Gilligan, Anderson & Phelan, P.A., our attorneys represent the City of Ocala. Patrick G. Gilligan has served as the City Attorney for more than 20 years and W. James Gooding III has served as the Assistant City Attorney for more than 15 years. We have also represented other local governments in Marion County, Florida.

Our local government law representation covers a multitude of services, including contract drafting and review, review of comprehensive plan amendments, rezonings and other development approvals, eminent domain litigation, defense of personal injury, police brutality and class-action suits, and the drafting of ordinances.

We recognize that local governments share certain characteristics with our business clients — such as ownership and use of property — but also have unique needs arising from their extraordinary powers. By endeavoring to provide both accurate and understandable legal advice in a common-sense fashion to elected officials and government staff, we try to assist them in providing the quality of public services that their constituents expect. We believe that the legal services we provide benefit not only our client governments, but the public as well.

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